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Choose Who Writes Your Story

choices empowerment story May 02, 2017

Story! Your story. My story. No two alike. We might share similar incidents that create interesting conversations, but experience very different outcomes. Why? Because we each react differently to similar stimuli. And why is that? Because of all we’ve experienced prior to encountering the new circumstance.

In looking back on our stories, examining our repeated stimuli/reaction scenarios can provide guidance for our future. Do we always react the same way to the same stimuli? Do we have to? Or is there even a choice?

Unlocking the power of story is easy or hard, whichever you choose. Typically it’s easy when the story is somebody else’s. It’s harder when it’s our own. We tend to cling to the idea that “That’s the way it is with me. It’s just who I am.” But is it? Would someone else look at you and your situation and think, “It’s so obvious! All you have to do is …!” But it’s hard to accept that there’s more than one way to approach a situation, that we have options. So we stay limited, confined. Imprisoned not by others’ restrictions on us, but by our own beliefs and expectations.

“But so-and-so did this to me! Makes me act this way! Keeps me trapped in this lifestyle!” Imagine someone else stepping in to play your part in the situation. Someone you admire for their wisdom, strength, and courage. They would see the situation from their own perspective, then act based on their own beliefs and expectations. The outcome would be totally different, wouldn’t it? It follows that if you change your own beliefs and expectations, you’ll also experience a different outcome.

This is your life. Your story. You can write it yourself, or hand the pen – your power – to someone else. Who do you want to create the story of your life? You decide.

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