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Enriching Connections

There are many ways that we are all connected. For instance, in casual conversation – at a party, over coffee, at lunch – the subject comes up and you find that the others in attendance have all received a speeding ticket at one time or another, (Yes, I’m still stuck on that topic. See how emotion locks in a memory?) The only uniqueness in the situation seems to be how much the damn thing cost! The conversation might lead to other facets of law enforcement, discovering more incidents of connection.

You see, connection goes way beyond clubs, churches, relatives, or jobs. Emotionally stored stories cast a thread into the world and draw in people or groups that have experienced the same or similar trials. At the time of this writing, two friends are being challenged by cancer. One's prognosis is horrific, while the other's is optimistic. Both are facing the future with hope, supported by family and friends who share love and laughs, some who share similar treatments, but all people who express connectedness in some form or other.

Sometimes the conversation resulting from a simple introduction can uncover connections which may lead to friendships or at least respect for a person or position. The new acquaintance might be an artist, for example. While you may have no particular artistic talent, you realize you’re conversing with an expert in the field who has many amazing experiences they’re eager to share. Their enthusiasm makes the conversation interesting, and in the process, you broaden your understanding of the world of artists.

Or perhaps the person is a referee of high school football, and although you’ve never had much interest in sports, you find the experiences they share unfolding a side of humanity you are very much interested in. It just happens to come from an arena you never associated with your field of interest. So now you’re connected to a person and a genre of life heretofore never explored by you.

Connections are sometimes subtle, sometimes in your face. Either way, they’re an integral part of your life story. Relationships. Connections. We’re all connected. And that's a good thing!

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