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Experience and Helping Others

We are all equipped to bless. Who? Someone else, yes. What? A situation looking for an answer, yes. What equips us? Our uniqueness. Our connectedness. Our experiences.

Let's talk about experiences. Our growth is dependent upon our personal challenges. Were it not for challenges, we wouldn't learn much. You can sit in a classroom for days, listening to a teacher talk about the subject material, but you learn the most when the teacher passes out a test paper and gives you thirty minutes to answer questions about the previous lecturing!

Life itself challenges you with curves out of nowhere. You know what I'm talking about…health issues, employment issues, financial issues, family issues, etc. You don't see them coming. They just appear. And they don't necessarily go away easily or quickly. But after you’ve survived, you discover others who are struggling with those same issues. Sometimes the hardest thing is to wait for an opportunity to reveal the connection to the other person. The next hardest thing is not to feel like you can fix it for them! All you can do is offer yourself if they need something - just be there for them. An arm around the shoulder or a hug may be enough for the moment to get them through the day. If they want more, just be there. If they ask how you fixed it, then share that with them, but don't assume you know how they should fix their situation. You learned from your experience. Let them learn from theirs. The lesson may not be the same.

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