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Inventory Your Authentic Assets

A friend worked for a time in a major restaurant chain. Every Sunday evening they were required to take a complete inventory of everything in the restaurant. And it had to be accurate down to the last salt shaker and loaf of bread.

He and I were talking over lunch one afternoon, and began to apply the same process to human talents. Since he’s now in the counseling business, he has a different perspective of inventory.

He shared that people will immediately go to their negative side, remembering when a talent failed to bring a positive result. There’s also a feeling that listing the positive talents seems to be bragging, and again is not comfortable.

In his work, my friend gets clients to look ahead several years to what they would like to be accomplishing. It’s necessary for them to see that they already have talents that will help them get there. Failures that have dogged them to this point can be viewed as lessons learned if they will change their perspective.

An accurate inventory of assets can be a terrific help in taking your life from success to significance. You can identify the talents you have which will assist you on the road to your “future you”. You can then figure out how to hone them into useful tools. For instance, if you wish to do more in the local soup kitchen than just serving, you might consider taking a cooking class which focuses on feeding large groups. Investing a little time and money in training may lead to a feeling of humble pride because those who eat your cooking smile each time they are served, knowing it will be more that just sustenance.

So my friend and I developed a process to take an accurate inventory of your unique, human assets. It’s featured in our upcoming workshop, On The Right Track.

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