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Moving the Target

Until I moved to a house on the edge of a golf course, I hadn’t realized that the holes on the greens are moved every day. I discovered this while sitting on my back deck, watching one of the workers moving a hole about a foot from its previous location. He changed the flag from white to red, signifying that it was closer to the front of the green.

Golfers don’t seem to be bothered by the constant moving of the hole. In fact, it seems to lend more challenge to the game. If you play regularly each day provides a different set of circumstances.

In life, we also find our goals shifting regularly. Just when we think we have the rules memorized, the target located, the paradigm defined – something changes. We come up with a list of “what if’s” and “if only’s” The old coulda, woulda, shoulda routine! It’s easy to blame life, or some other person, or anything at all besides ourselves. Not that we should blame ourselves for the change, but we are responsible for how we react to it.

What if we approached it the way the golfer does, enjoying the new challenge rather than wasting time finding fault. So the parameters changed. So what! Re-examine the objective and make a mid-course correction. Nobody will criticize you for readjusting your actions to sink your putt! A goal attained is the sweetest reward. Now you need to move ahead to the next green or challenge or goal. Life never stands still. If you do, life will pass you by. That would be tragic!

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