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No One Can Be You But You - And Don't You Forget It!

Each of us has a unique set of fingerprints and a unique DNA helix. Our talents are distinctive. The unique combination of what interests and intrigues us is our alone. We begin life with open hearts and minds, receptive to new thoughts, ideas, and experiences. We discover and delight in concepts like joy, love, freedom to investigate and learn, laughter, and just plain fun.

Far too soon, we’re introduced to fear, misunderstanding, and chaos. The outside world wants our attention, and it uses whatever means are most effective. The main reason is to get us in the habit of acquiring “stuff” - stuff like jobs, houses, cars, toys, and even social status. In our rush to get all the things we think we want and need, our talents become woven into the fabric of acquisition and dust. Our genuine interests become overshadowed by thing outside ourselves, such as the expectations of family, friends, and peers who are also desperate to acquire “stuff.”

Returning to our original relationship with the interests and talents with which we arrived is very simple and yet extremely difficult. Go within – that’s the answer. Listen to your inner voice. It’s extremely easy because it’s always there and ready to communicate. Yet it’s extremely difficult  because there’s always southing coming at us, presenting itself as the most important thing: offers with time limits, deadlines at work, and family pressures, to name a few. I’m sure you know what I mean all too well.

Some forms of prayer and meditation are helpful in returning to that original relationship. But modern society has meddled with even these. Prayer has become a forum for asking for things with the expectation that you will receive your request at this specific time, and in just this manner. Meditation is often perceived as a total withdrawal from society and life’s activity. Yet reaching a stress-free moment can be done in moments, and can be successful in solving problems or waylaying attacks of daily chaos.

Why is it important to rediscover your original gifts and interests? Your uniqueness needs to be seen, shared, and spotlighted. Whatever means you find to accomplish this will allow you to leave a legacy of significance, whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and whatever your circumstances. It can also reconnect you with the original concepts you used to delight in: love, joy, laughter, and fun. It’s worth exploring!

In my next post, I’ll touch on ways in which we’re all connected.

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