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Perspective Changes Perception

We are each unique. It doesn't matter if we're an only child or one of an octet. Our life story is a string of emotional moments that is different from anybody else’s. We meet different people. We’re faced with different challenges. Each experience prepares us for the next experience. How we react to the challenges makes us what we are at this moment.

We can change our life story by changing our perspective. Just because a certain result came from previous similar circumstances doesn't mean it always has to be that way. You often have a choice, even when you think there’s only one option available. Viewing the situation from a different outlook can change the outcome.

Change is definitely problematic for some people, and perhaps some small amount of fear is present even in the bravest folk when faced with something new. Maybe that's a good thing, forcing us to evaluate before charging ahead. However, fear that freezes us so that we can't face the challenge with evaluation and hope is definitely to be confronted and transformed.

Changing your perspective changes your perception. You can create a simple model that demonstrates what I mean. Put a book on the table, standing upright. Walk around the table and pay strict attention to what you see when you look at the book. There are six sides to the object, but there are also combinations of view as you go from a square on view of the front cover and slowly introduce a side into the frame of what you see. Keep moving, and soon the side is the only thing you see. The title is not visible. If this were all you could see of the book, the width or breadth would be undeterminable. The point is that any situation has many sides just as the physical book, but it also has many combinations of facets that are part of it. Your view creates your impression of a situation, just as it does in the case of the book.

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