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Power and Presence

It’s intangible. You can’t see it, touch it, or smell it, yet you know it’s there. Always. Some people call it a Higher Power. I grew up calling it Holy Spirit. Call it what you will, believe it to be masculine, feminine, a combination of both - no matter. Your relationship with Spirit is unique. This gently powerful presence lights your path and guides each step if you allow it. All it takes is your attention and your willing participation.

In each moment lies an opportunity, if you choose to accept it. Acknowledge the presence, be still enough to hear that voiceless message…then choose. Follow it or ignore it. Continue the adventure, or ignore its direction and remain trapped in your imaginary box of safety.

If Spirit is intangible, how will you recognize its presence, its guidance? You might get an intuition or gut feeling about a situation. At a crossroads, one fork may seem brighter than the other. You may become aware of little synchronicities as you go about your day. And of course there are the feelings of joy, of love, of beauty, of wonder…watch for them. Embrace them, and you embrace Spirit, as it always embraces you.

As my friend Sally says, “There’s a whole universe out there, whether you choose to explore it or not.” What will you choose?

In my next posts, I’ll explore how we are each unique, yet all connected to one another.

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