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Something That Truly Matters - An Invitation

My son Mark sent me an email some time ago which hangs on my office bulletin board.

“Here’s what I’ve said to the universe about my writing: I’m OK with getting rich, as long as it’s not at someone else’s expense. My goal, however, is a rich life. I want the pleasure of applying my talents to something that matters. I want to make a difference to, and with, people who appreciate it. I want to be justifiably proud of what I do and what I create. I want to be fairly compensated by the process as well as the paychecks. I also want plenty of surrounding ‘ space’ to enjoy the fruits of my labors. And… I think that’s a very fair, honorable and sustainable proposition.”

I have it hanging there where I see it every day because I have the same philosophy. He described it perfectly. I couldn’t have said it better or clearer.

I am applying it to the launch of my first digital product, a workshop examining the pathway from success to significance. It has been more than two years in the making. It was a group workshop before it transitioned to a digital product.

The ten lessons look back at your life to see where you came from and how you arrived at success. The definition of success is extremely personal. It varies from being president of the largest international corporation to the best shoeshine man in Chicago. The course then challenges you to look forward to the legacy you want to leave behind. It compares your human journey to your spiritual journey in a purely non-religious way.

As Mark stated, “I want the pleasure of applying my talents to something that matters.” This workshop is, I believe, an example of using my talents along with those who have helped me along the way. The rest of his email also applies.

The guru’s I have learned from are all, by their own admission, extremely successful. That’s why I have listened carefully. But my delivery philosophy differs from the mainstream thinking in that I want this product to grow gently from person to person as they feel happy about what they learn from the ten insights and feel led to encourage folks they know who would benefit in the same way.

As a twenty-five plus year natural beard Santa, I know the power of story. This workshop deals with the power of story.  I invite you to come along with me from success to significance. I’ve created a free video series, including some free, downloadable resources and tools, as an introduction to the workshop. Find out more by following this link.

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