Story and You - It's Essential

deeper truth memory story Oct 25, 2017

Before we talk about why stories are essential to you - to everyone! - let’s take a quick look at story itself. Every storyteller, be they of the oral tradition or an author of a novel, knows that a story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It must include a character or two, a story line, which is often thought of as a plot, as well as a place and a time.

What you might not know is the vital role emotion plays in story. It determines your attraction to it, the way you remember the details, and even how well you remember the details.

When dealing with your own stories, it’s interesting to note that the way you last told a story is the way it will come out the next time. Why is that important? Because truth can be distorted or ignored, though not always intentionally. It’s up to you how you relate an experience to someone else. If you are prone to embellish a story, though, your memory will file it away each time with any new embellishments. If the story has some painful parts which you choose to leave out, that’s the way the story will get stored for the next telling.

Yet the true details still reside deep within your memory. When you’re sifting through old memories looking for clues to creating a good life for yourself, it’s crucial to return to the unembellished facts. And don’t forget - the reality of an experience can change dramatically with a simple change of viewpoint. But we’ll save that for another day!

I have a gift for you - an easy, yet eye-opening way to jumpstart the exploration of your own true stories. Who’s been helping write yours? I think you’ll be surprised. Click here for your free copy of 7 Questions for 7 Days.

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