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This morning at our Rotary meeting, the guest speaker described a graphic example of horrific stuff going on right here in our hometown. It was all about life in the gutter, so to speak: people living a substitute life, rather than enjoying the opportunities and possibilities available to them. The presenter’s presentation called my attention to the fact that my workshop could fit into their program if presented at the proper point in their clients’ progress.

I’ve spent the last several months developing a workshop to encourage people who are, despite successes in their lives, asking the question, “Is this all there is?” The program provides tools for building a legacy of significance: one of inspiration, transferred to others, without expectation of admiration, gratitude, reward, or result. Our speaker described a population that may have experienced little success, unless you count day-to-day survival. Nevertheless, the looking forward to a meaningful legacy in my program and the looking ahead toward a life of meaning in the speaker’s program lead to virtually the same place.

And so it is with life. We creep along, controlled by our surroundings, our families, our circle of friends, our careers. Our story is often written by others, yet we have the power to write it ourselves in conjunction with that inner voice which we tend to ignore. The speaker this morning was addressing an audience of about fifty, yet what they heard and what I heard were marginally different, at least in the call to action. They heard a plea for financial support. I heard an opportunity for an alternate type of support. I recognized the chance to help a completely different population than I’d envisioned to live a healthy life and leave a beautiful legacy.

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