What's With All The Train Stuff?

“I can’t wait to hear how to make my life more meaningful, Pete, but what’s with all the train stuff?”

What’s in a name? As Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And so it is with our workshop entitled “On the Right Track: Connecting the Stories of Your Life.” It’s about finding a path to the life of your dreams through the stories your life experiences, not about trains.

So why the references to train tracks, then? The construction of railroad beds seemed like a great metaphor for how the stories of your life are laid out. And it is! As long as it doesn’t confuse people so they miss out on the eye opening activities in the workshop.

The way I see it, the gravel that supports the tracks is like the mundane incidents of life – countless facts, such as what you ate for breakfast last Monday. A fact - but not very important in the grand scheme of your life. The railroad ties, when viewed from ground level, stand out because they’re significantly larger than individual pieces of gravel. The ties represent the stories of your life that you remember because of the strong emotion associated with the event. These stories, like the railroad ties, are important supports for the rails, one of which represents your human journey and the other which represents your spiritual journey.

So it’s just a metaphor, but I still like it. Your small stories based on your daily activities (the gravel), supporting the headline events in your life (the ties), which are important to you in both the human and spiritual aspects life. When you stand at any point along the tracks, you can see them coming from afar in one direction and going off in the distance the opposite way. From your perspective in the present moment, your life started somewhere off in the distance, and heads off into the future. The important place is where you stand now. How you got here is made up of all the facts, stories, and journeys that have already happened. Where you’re going will be all about those you approach as you move into the future.

Unlike trains, your future tracks aren’t already set in place. You have more say than you realize in how they’re laid out. Travel the rails with me through my “On The Right Track” online workshop. You’ll get resources and guidance for creating a life as exciting and meaningful as you dare to dream. Learn more at www.petevanderpool.com

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