What's Writing Your Story? People aren't all that's impacted your life.

In keeping with a previous blog about story and its parts, this question relates to places, things, and events that have influenced your life’s story up to now. Identifying what’s writing your story can be as important as knowing who is writing it. These items deal with plot, place, and time, all important components to a good, understandable story.

For example, say you went to a fundraising concert event organized by Willy Nelson and a few of his fellow entertainers. You’d probably never forget it! The experience might have expanded your love for a specific entertainer, or maybe several of them. It might have awakened you to a cause you weren’t aware of, and created a desire to join an activity focused on the problem. If so, then it turned out to be a life-changing event.

In thinking back on this event today, you might remember your passion for the problem it identified, along with your decision to include it in your schedule. You might also remember the mixed feelings you had during the time you served that cause. Your reminiscing might lead you into checking on the progress made in solving the problem since that time. You might decide to find a way to renew your efforts with new insights and abilities.

Remember, your story is still being written. You have the opportunity to change the way it goes from here. Looking at where you’ve been helps you decide where you want to go, and what you want to be known for. Here’s another free download for you, focused on choosing what you want to be remembered for. Don’t let somebody else decide for you!

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