Who's Writing the Story of Your Life?

follow a story thread Oct 27, 2017

Looking back along the track at all those stories that have become the strong influences in your life – the important stories on which you’ve chosen to build your life’s story – you should realize that they’re filed away in your mind based on time. They can be examined that way, if you want to look at a specific time span - for instance your senior year in high school. They can also be sorted by some common idea, for instance the times you went to summer camp at Camp Mosquito. Or they can be examined by odd circumstances, as in the several times you visited Grandma Edith in New York City.

Individual people can provide interesting threads to follow through your past, but you have to look more deeply than just recalling shared events. Looking at the “who” in your stories can help you more closely examine the “plot” as it has unfolded so far. Beneath the surface details, you may find insights that are useful to the you of today, especially if you desire to change your present circumstances or future outcomes.

I created my workshop, On the Right Track: Connecting the Stories of Your Life, to help people use their personal stories in creating happier, more meaningful lives. Some people find the work therapeutic, but that’s not what it’s designed for. It’s intended to be inspiring, educational, and fun. I came up with the process when a friend challenged me to stop continually wishing my life had turned out differently. Instead, I discovered a way to embrace the life I have today with joy.

Part of what I discovered was the difference between success and significance. Want to know what I found out? Just follow this link and I’ll send you a quick description with a few examples.

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