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Your Own Human Journey

You’ve been aware of your human journey for pretty much your whole life. You know who that person is in the mirror, based on where you’ve been and what you’ve done. If someone asked, you could sum up who you are in a few quick sentences. “I’m a retired engineer, a grandfather, and at Christmas I play Santa at the mall.” Or, “I’m a single mom who works two jobs and doesn’t have time to be creative.” You’ve “caught the little fox and put him in a box,” like in the nursery rhyme, but will you “let him go”? Watch out! That box of labels can turn into a trap. Are you caught in a self-imposed trap you’d love to get out of but aren’t sure how? There are lots of ways, if you’re serious about your freedom. One key can be found within the stories of your life.

I spent a lot of years regretting turns my life had taken, keeping me from being the college professor I “shoulda been.” One day, a friend challenged me to look back through my life and see if there were any times I did what professors do – share knowledge with others. At first, I couldn’t think of any, but I quickly realized being a substitute teacher at the local high school was kind of close. Then I remembered being a Sunday School teacher. .And a Boy Scout troop leader. Then at least a dozen other examples popped into my mind. I was startled to see these stories from my life come together to reveal not that I “shoulda been” an educator, but that I had been one all along!

Have you ever stepped back and connected stories from your life to discover a common thread that was trying to tell you something? Like mine, your stories might reveal enough positive experiences to prove you’re already on the right track. A change in perspective might inject new life into your present story. I’ve actually created a workshop to help people do exactly that.

In my next post, I’ll take a look at your spiritual journey. Are you aware of that one, too? It’s not as obvious as your human one, but it is a major influence in how your life plays out.

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