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Your Surprise Successes

And now a surprise! You are equipped to bless yourself. Yes yourself. But, you say, I know all the crap I've been through. I know all the lessons I've had to learn the hard way. I have an MBA from the School of Hard Knocks. How am I equipped to bless myself?

Well, here's an example for you. For many years, I’ve berated myself for not getting a doctorate in English and teaching at a small private college somewhere in New England. See how specific that is? Well, my co-author of the book Equipped to Bless challenged me to follow a thread leading back from my present substitute-teaching job at a local high school. So I started backing down through my life. I teach Sunday School classes for adults. I had taught teenagers for many years in several denominations. I’d been a Boy Scout leader. I had taught electricians how to program our programmable controllers. I had trained distributors to get more product to market. In Navy Boot Camp, I’d been selected Educational Petty Officer for our company. I realized that I have always been a teacher. No, not in the setting I kept dreaming of and grousing about. But In life as I’ve experienced it, I was and am a teacher.

Suddenly, my whole perspective changed. In addition, I saw how the many seminars I’d attended over the years had qualified me to teach adults in a different way than the usual "tell me" method. I’ve embraced the more effective "show me" method. Now I have a new perception of the use of the talent I’ve been given and I’m able to rejoice, no longer grousing about how I wasted it.

Oh, there's more. My co-author has sent me down several roads like that. The stories connect in myriad ways to provide satisfaction, challenges, and healing. The best news is I can show you how to make these transformative inner journeys, too! The online version of my workshop On The Right Track: Connecting the Stories of Your Life is almost ready.

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