And You Thought You Were The Only One

Isn’t it funny that when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you notice that what you bought seems to be the most popular car on the road? And you thought when you bought it that it was a special, one-of-a-kind model and paint job!

Well, that’s what’s happening to me. I’m working on a digital product focusing on the power hidden in one’s personal stories. It makes me feel good to read articles and blogs from others who are noticing the importance of your spiritual story as well as your human story. It is most encouraging to discover a new family of fellow travelers.

Back in my youth, not all roads were paved. Many country roads were gravel, dragged periodically by the “road grader” to minimize the number and size of the potholes. When it rained, two ruts became very obvious, ‘cause that’s where the person ahead of you by fifteen minutes drove. If traffic was “heavy” the ruts grew deeper. But there they were – two...

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Running From or To?

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2017

Are you running away from something, or are you excitedly running toward something?

Surprisingly, you’ll find that what you run from will accompany you on the journey.

There’s a story about two men who were trying to assess the general tenor of a certain city. The first man stopped at the entrance gate and asked the guard, “What are the people like here?”

The guard responded with a question. “What are the people like in the city you came from?”

“They’re mean, critical, and nasty,” said the man.

The guard nodded. “You’ll find they are the same here.”

A short while later, the second man approached the guard. “Can you tell me what the people are like here?” he asked.

The guard again responded, “What are the people like in the city you came from?”

“They’re friendly, pleasant, and supportive,” said the man.

The guard smiled. “You’ll find they are the same...

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This morning at our Rotary meeting, the guest speaker described a graphic example of horrific stuff going on right here in our hometown. It was all about life in the gutter, so to speak: people living a substitute life, rather than enjoying the opportunities and possibilities available to them. The presenter’s presentation called my attention to the fact that my workshop could fit into their program if presented at the proper point in their clients’ progress.

I’ve spent the last several months developing a workshop to encourage people who are, despite successes in their lives, asking the question, “Is this all there is?” The program provides tools for building a legacy of significance: one of inspiration, transferred to others, without expectation of admiration, gratitude, reward, or result. Our speaker described a population that may have experienced little success, unless you count day-to-day survival. Nevertheless, the looking forward to a meaningful...

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Pete's potpourri of life

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2016

We are all unique and connected.

In this blog, I hope to capture and share some of those seemingly insignificant incidents that illustrate the activity of people sharing their life's story with others, thereby blessing people in need of a boost of some sort, something other that a hand-out.

A church in our area went to Walmart one rainy Saturday and accompanied customers into the store under an umbrella when the customer had none. Likewise, they accompanied customers leaving with a cart full of groceries, helping to keep them reasonably dry as they unloaded groceries. Many "thank you's" were heard that morning. And no money exchanged hands.

My intent is to post here once a week. Once I get the hang of it, I may increase the frequency. 

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