Power of Story for Peace

In today’s world, everyone is promoting story – tell your story, tell your story – for better customer relations, better communities, better working conditions – the list goes on.

Think about it! If we all REALLY shared our stories, openly and honestly, within the proper circumstances, and with open minds, what a wonderful world it could be. If I knew you were hungry, I could do something about it. If you knew I was reeling from the loss of someone I loved, you might be able to help me find a way to cope.

If you were to say, “I believe this about that,” could we talk about your belief? It might give me a new way of seeing the world. Or it might open your eyes to a new, more satisfying solution.

And if we talked to each other individually about a situation, instead of just listening to someone else’s take on it, wouldn’t truth allow love into the picture, and love allow empathy to work its magic?

Ah! The power of story as a basis for...

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