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More About Pete

 Pete Vanderpool is an entrepreneur with an engineering sales background, whose life changed about twenty five years ago when a friend called asking for him to play Santa. That started a new life as a mall Santa, a storyteller, a child safety advocate, and an author. His folksy delivery has permeated his writing, speaking and facilitating career, much to the delight of audiences both large and small.

For over 25 years Pete has charmed and counseled thousands of folks, young and old, in his role as Santa Claus. As a storyteller, he teaches, entertains, informs, and captivates the imaginations of young and old alike. Events in the course of his own life journey have led Pete to see the need to focus not only on storytelling, but also on encouraging others to recognize, find relevance in, and share their life stories.

Adults and youth are captivated by Pete's stories:

  • Appalachian folk tales
  • ghost stories
  • Jack tales
  • personal stories

To book Pete as a speaker or storyteller for your event, email him at [email protected].